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Hi! I'm Kate, a proud mother of three, a Hypnobirthing instructor and Doula. 

I first came across Hypnobirthing in 2007 when I was pregnant with my eldest daughter. I was incredibly nervous and apprehensive about giving birth, especially after all the horror stories I had heard from family and friends. I am also not a huge fan of injections and so started to look into alternative ways of reducing pain in labour.


My research let me a wonderful Hypnobirthing instructor and midwife who ran a course which would give us the techniques and resources to have a calm and comfortable birth - and despite the doubts from my family this is exactly what we did achieve! The course helped us to make the best decisions in the lead up to my labour. We were told that our baby was big and that meant that I would have problems delivering her without intervention. Several times we were put under a lot of pressure to have an induction but luckily we were armed with the information we needed to decline.

I spontaneously went into labour 10 days after my 'due date' and had an intervention and pain relief free labour in a birthing pool. This could have been such a different story if we had agreed to induction and we are so grateful that we made the choices we did. Alexandra was a calm and relaxed baby, much like her entry into the world. I then went on to use Hypnobirthing successfully to deliver my son, who was born at home, and my youngest daughter. 

My experiences inspired me to want to help others and I trained as a Doula just after my middle child was born in 2012 and then also as a KGhypnobirthing instuctor in 2021.

My Training

Every mother, baby and family is different and therefore so will their labours be, but everyone will still benefit from Hypnobirthing. It is our job as parents to take responsibilty for our pregnancies and birth by making the best possible decisions for us. To make these, sometimes tricky, decisions we need information and that is one of the aspects of a KGhypnobirthing course. The media portrayal of birth is often so over dramatised which leads to many women having an implanted negative view of the process. Fear and tension then taint decisions and the overall experience which can result in less than ideal outcomes. During the Hypnobirthing sessions you will learn to release these predisposed ideas and how to harness your bodies own natural strength and to trust in this amazing process. Whether you are a first timer or have already have children but would like a new approach this course will be of benefit.


Please get in contact to discuss your requirements.

KGHypnobirthing Instructor 


Certified Labor Doula

International School of Childbirth 2010 (Middlesex University)

Certified Postpartum Doula

International School of Childbirth 2010 (Middlesex University)

Diploma of Childbirth Education

International School of Childbirth 2010 (Middlesex University)

BSc Hons Natural Sciences

1st Class (Open University)

MSc Medicinal Chemistry

Merit (Open University)